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Published Mathematical Librabry on NuGet

I recently published a library of mine to NuGet, as Mathematical Library. It is a library for functions used in solving Project Euler problems along with some basic statistical functions, coded in F#. The Project Euler functions cover primes, factorials, narcissism, random numbers, arrays and series/sequences (Collatz, Terra, Fibonacci).  The statistical functions cover variance, standard deviation, and sum of squares.


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I have not worked on this site for over two (2) years, but it covers many of the basics of F#, while trying to be idiomatically-correct and algorithmically efficient, solving mathematical problems functionally:

Functions (non-state, no side effects)Tail recursionNon-mutable variablesCurryingLambda notationPattern matchingSequences, arrays, lists, and tuplesArray slicing
Additionally, some solutions are improved upon using .NET components to speed the process, e.g., parallel processing.

Also, you might find these interesting, additional work done in F#:

Basic Statistical Functions, a very basic F# class for performing standard deviation and variance calculations.

Various Number Functions, a collection of basic mathematical functions written in F# as part of my learning via Project Euler. This module has functions for creating arrays or calculating values for the following:
PrimesFactorialsNarcissismCollatz SequenceTerra SequenceFibonnaciDistinct PrimesRandom Numbers and A…